2nd Intrepid Training School – Barcelona, 9-13 April 2018

“The difficulties we have in meeting today’s global challenges, such as implementing the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) worldwide, are not caused by a knowledge gap. We have all the knowledge we need. The problem is a knowing-doing gap: a disconnect between our collective consciousness and our collective actions.  These gaps and divides are amplified by the silo structure of our key institutions and the mindset of the decision makers that operate inside them. “ Otto Shammer

This year Intrepid Training School programme centres on the question of how universities can be a positive force for transformation and change towards a more sustainable future.

The programme invites participants to explore the specific challenges of Inter and transdisciplinary knowledge and co-creation, and reflect on the skills and dispositions required by researchers and practitioners in order to cross boundaries, sectors and paradigms.

This experience of this exploration will be the starting point for a process of envisioning of a civic learning institution capable of enabling education, research and learning in permanent support of sustainable development.


The co-creation activities will combine dialogues on case studies, brought by participants, focusing on one or more SDG, and include group activities aimed at crystallising and prototyping the future of university. Approaches such as Theory U, Three Horizon and Design Thinking methods will be used for group facilitation.

Dialogues on case studies will allow participants to:

  • Generate new ways to look at a challenge or question
  • Develop new approaches for responding to the challenge or question
  • Unveil the skills and dispositions required by researchers and practitioners in transdisciplinary research and practice in order to cross boundaries, sectors and paradigms
  • Reveal how the universities might contribute to societal sustainability, seen from real life challenges perspective.

Participants will also explore:

  • core concepts and practices of Theory U
  • methods and tools to sense and seize future opportunities
  • the deeper journey of your personal and professional life, to be a more effective leader and change-maker in your own environment
  • practices to expand your attention

Through interactive presentations, reflective exercises, peer coaching, and embodiment practices, participants will learn and apply the capacities of deep leadership that help change-makers transcend old behaviour patterns, realise new possibilities, and facilitate innovation and transformation.

Download: Week programme


Intrepid Training School will take place at Barcelona Tech- Campus Diagonal- Besòs
Address: Campus Diagonal Besòs, Av. Eduard Maristany, 16 08019 Barcelona
Public transport: Bus H16, Tramway T4 and Metro Station El Maresme / Forum (L4)

The workshops will take place at Building C, 4th Floor.


Marite GUEVARA (Ersilia Foundation, Barcelona), Didac Ferrer (UPC-Barcelona Tech), Isabel Cristina Chaparro (Theory U Expert), Carlo Sessa (ISINNOVA) and Olivia BINA & Marta Varanda (University of Lisbon).