LERU’s Interim Evaluation of Horizon 2020

By LEAGUE OF EUROPEAN RESEARCH UNIVERSITIES (LERU) This paper is LERU’s contribution to the Horizon 2020…

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Interdisciplinarity: how universities unlock its power to innovate, League of European Research Universities (LERU)

By Wernli, D. and Darbellay, F. (2016) Modern universities were invented in Europe in the…

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Sheila Jasanoff: Framing Research With Citizens’ Perspectives

Sheila Jasanoff: Framing Research with Citizens' Perspectives

Research without society’s input lacks balance Sheila Jasanoff is director of the program on science,…

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Six Types of Unknowns in Interdisciplinary Research

What types of unknowns are tackled in interdisciplinary research? I draw on my experience directing…

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How Far Can Scholarly Networks Go? Examining the Relationships Between Distance, Disciplines, Motivations, and Clusters

By: Guang Ying Mo, Zack Hayat and Barry Wellman This study aims to understand the extent…

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Is interdisciplinarity '‘a term that everyone invokes and none understands’?

Certainly it seems that the discourse of the interdisciplinary is everywhere. Universities are busy promoting…

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Disconnected, fragmented, or united? a trans-disciplinary review of network science

Applied Network Science 2016 By Cesar Hidalgo During decades the study of networks has been divided…

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A new report by Lord Stern raises criticisms about the treatment of interdisciplinarity by the UK system of research evaluation (RAE)

‘The disciplinary “silos” embedded in the Unit of Assessment panel’ have meant that interdisciplinary research…

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Interdisciplinary research has consistently lower funding success

Nature, June 2016 By Lindell Bromham, Russell Dinnage & Xia Hua Interdisciplinary research is widely considered…

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