“A Vida Não é Separada, As Coisas Acontecem Juntas”.

“A vida não é separada, as coisas acontecem juntas”.

“Life is not separated, things happen together” is a rough translation of one researcher’s statement,…

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When ID Is Part Of The Research Challenge: The Inspiring Visit To The French Institute Of Ecology And Environment In Paris (INEE)

When ID is part of the research challenge: the inspiring visit to the French Institute of Ecology and Environment in Paris (INEE)

Intrepid Short Mission in Paris took us to the Institute of Ecology and the Environment…

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What Is The Actual Extent Of Global Research-publishing Output Growth In Interdisciplinary Sciences In XXI Century?

What is the actual extent of global research-publishing output growth in interdisciplinary sciences in XXI century?

We are raised and educated to believe in mantra about the constant acceleration of knowledge…

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When Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Meets Urban Studies: My First Overseas’ Research Experience

When Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Meets Urban Studies: My First Overseas’ Research Experience

New to the research community, one of the main questions I brought to this Short…

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Cultures And Communities: Their Significance In Interdisciplinary Work

Cultures and communities: their significance in interdisciplinary work

During three days in the city of Delft, INTREPID members had the possibility of meeting…

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Short Report From The Inter-colloquium Of The Baden-Württemberg Real World Labs (“Reallabore”)

Short report from the inter-colloquium of the Baden-Württemberg real world labs (“Reallabore”)

Almost one and a half years after the launch of the first funding period for…

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Where Do Transdisciplinarity Researchers Fit In?

Where do transdisciplinarity researchers fit in?

Having a CV that includes a degree in marine biology and research developed in economy,…

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Are The Cognitive Sciences Really Interdisciplinary?

Are the Cognitive Sciences really interdisciplinary?

Scientists at the Research Focus Cognitive Sciences of the University of Potsdam say yes. Many…

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Overcoming Epistemological Barriers For Urban Planning.  What Can We Learn From Sheffield?

Overcoming epistemological barriers for urban planning. What can we learn from Sheffield?

Back in 1936, when the steel industry still ruled Sheffield, George Orwell was not impressed…

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